Book: «Encyclopedia of Industrial Additives, Volume 4»

Encyclopedia of Industrial Additives, Volume 4
Contents - Accelerators - Activators - Adsorbents - Antidandruff Agents - Antifog Agents - Antimicrobials - Antioxidants - Antiozonants - Antistats - Antistripping Agents - Bases - Binders - Blocking Agents - Blowing Agents - Bonding Agents - Carriers - Catalysts - Chelating Agents - Conditioners - Coreactants - Corrosion Inhibitors - Coupling Agents - Cross-linking Agents - Curing Agents - Defoamers - Dispersants - Dyes and Pigments - Emollients - Entrainment Aids - Extraction Reagents - Fillers - Flame Retardants - Flotation Reagents - Flow Promoters - Frothers - Gelling Agents - Humectants - Initiators - Intermediates - Lubricants - Modifiers - Opacifiers&Pearlescents - Oxidizing Agents - Peptizing Agents - Plasticizers - Processing Aids - Reinforcing Agents - Release Agents - Retarders - Sizing Agents - Softeners - Solubilizers - Solvents - Stabilizers - Tackifiers - Thickeners - UV Absorbers - Vulcanizing Agents - Water Repellents- Waxes - Index - Preface - Volume IV of this...
Издательство: "Книга по Требованию" (1987)
ISBN: 9780820600833

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