Электронная книга: Han Charles C. «Scattering and Dynamics of Polymers. Seeking Order in Disordered Systems»

Scattering and Dynamics of Polymers. Seeking Order in Disordered Systems
Scattering is a very powerful tool to study the structure of polymers. Written by highly regarded and respected scientists in the field, this book presents the latest developments in the field of scattering in a uniform, systematic manner. This volume arms readers with both theoretical and experimental aspects of the intended area, offering much simplified theoretical explanations on the physics of scattering. The authors provide discussion on applications of experimental techniques. Han and Akcasu begin with a traditional treatment of light scattering from plane waves, followed by consistent application of density (in both real and Fourier space) correlation functions in both space and time. The authors do not distinguish among light, X-ray, and neutron, excepting their scattering length, q-range, coherence and detection differences. Readers can therefore concentrate on exactly the scattering tools they need to use, while theoretical explanation on the physics of scattering can be made much more simplified and uniform. Presents the latest development in the field of scattering in a uniform, systematic manner Arms readers with both theoretical and experimental aspects Gives a much simpler theoretical explanation on the physics of scattering Demonstrates application of experimental techniques
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