Book: Le Tien Anh «Avoiding Effects of OFDM Adjacent Channel Interference by Using Combinations of Modulation Schemes»

Avoiding Effects of OFDM Adjacent Channel Interference by Using Combinations of Modulation Schemes

Master's Thesis from the year 2008 in the subject Engineering - Communication Technology, grade: erfolgreich bestanden, Keio University (Graduate school of Science and Technology - School of Science for Open and Environmental Systems), language: English, abstract: Non-orthogonality among adjacent OFDM channels creates OFDM adjacent channel interference and it heavily affects the entire system's performance. Conventional methods to avoid OFDM adjacent channel interference are not only insufficient but also are wasting a lot of frequency resources. In this research, a method using combinations of modulationschemes is proposed to avoid effects of OFDM adjacent channel interference. It can be obtained by modulating the sub-carriers at the outer sides of an OFDM channel with lower order modulation schemes (such as BPSK or QPSK), while modulating the sub-carriers at the inner side of the OFDM channel with higher order modulation schemes (such as 16QAM or 64QAM). Intensive simulations have been carried out to evaluate the performance of theproposed method. The simulation results have shown an increase in the OFDM system's resistance against adjacent channel interference while still maintain the bandwidth efficiency.


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ISBN: 9783640320257


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