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Jest taki dzień w lutym
Серия: "Poza serią"
Издательство: "OSDW Azymut"
ISBN: 978-83-238-9977-8


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  • Lori Copeland Najciemniej jest pod latarnią
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    Lori Copeland

    Infobox Writer

    imagesize = 150px
    name = Lori Copeland
    birthdate = June 12
    occupation = novelist
    nationality = American
    period = 1982 - present
    genre = Romance, Christian
    website = http://www.loricopeland.com/

    Lori Copeland (born June 12) is a popular American author of over 95 novels.


    Lori Copeland had a relatively late start in writing, breaking into publishing in 1982 when she was already forty years old. Over the next dozen years, Copeland's romance novels achieved much success, as was evidenced by her winning the Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice Award, The Holt Medallion, and Walden Books' Best Seller award. Despite her success in more mainstream romantic fiction, in 1995, Copeland decided to switch focus. Her subsequent books have been in the relatively new subgenre of Christian romance. She has also collaborated with author Angela Elwell Hunt on a series of Christian romance novels.

    Copeland has been inducted into the Missouri Writers Hall of Fame. She and her husband of over forty years, Lance, live in Springfield, Missouri. [http://www.tyndale.com/authors/bio.asp?code=145] They have three grown sons. Copeland and her husband are active supporters of mission work in Mali, West Africa.


    Malone Family

    *"Darling Deceiver" (1990)
    *"Built to Last" (1992)
    *"A Taste of Temptation" (1992)

    Harlequin Love and Laughter

    *"Dates and Other Nuts" (1996)
    *"Fudgeballs and Other Sweets" (1998)

    Brides of the West

    *"Faith" (1998)
    *"Faith, June, Hope" (omnibus) (1998)
    *"Hope" (1999)
    *"June" (1999)
    *"Glory" (2000)
    *"Glory, Ruth and Patience" (omnibus) (2000)
    *"Ruth" (2002)
    *"Patience" (2004)

    Morning Shade Mysteries

    *"A Case of Bad Taste" (2003)
    *"A Case of Crooked Letters" (2004)
    *"A Case of Nosy Neighbors" (2004)

    Island of Heavenly Daze

    *"Hearts at Home" (2003) (with Angela Elwell Hunt)
    *"Grace in Autumn" (2001) (with Angela Elwell Hunt)
    *"The Island of Heavenly Daze" (2001) (with Angela Elwell Hunt)
    *"A Warmth in Winter" (2001) (with Angela Elwell Hunt)
    *"A Perfect Love" (2002) (with Angela Elwell Hunt)


    *"Playing for Keeps" (1983)
    *"A Tempting Stranger" (1983)
    *"Only the Best" (1984)
    *"A Winning Combination" (1984)
    *"All or Nothing" (1984)
    *"Out of Control" (1984)
    *"Rainbow's End" (1984)
    *"Forever After" (1985)
    *"Spitfire" (1985)
    *"More Than She Bargained for" (1985)
    *"A Love of Our Own" (1986)
    *"Hot on His Trail" (1986)
    *"Out of This World" (1986)
    *"Tug of War" (1986)
    *"When Lighting Strikes" (1986)
    *"Passion's Folly" (1987)
    *"The Trouble With Thorny" (1988)
    *"Tale of Love" (1988)
    *"Sweet Talkin' Stranger" (1989)
    *"Dancy's Woman" (1989)
    *"Tall Cotton" (1990)
    *"Fool Me Once" (1990)
    *"Avenging Angels" (1990)
    *"Tiz the Season" (1990)
    *"Sweet Hannah Rose" (1991)
    *"Passion's Captive" (1991)
    *"Melancholy Baby" (1991)
    *"Squeeze Play" (1991)
    *"Forever, Ashley" (1992)
    *"Like Father, Like Son?" (1993)
    *"Like Father, Like Daughter?" (1993)
    *"Promise Me Tomorrow" (1993)
    *"Two of a Kind" (1993)
    *"Promise Me Today" (1993)
    *"Promise Me Forever" (1994)
    *"High Voltage" (1994)
    *"Someone to Love" (1995)
    *"All or Nothing: Rainbow's End" (1995)
    *"Bridal Lace and Buckskin" (1996)
    *"Angel Face and Amazing Grace" (1996)
    *"The Courtship of Cade Kolby" (1997)
    *"The Bride of Johnny McAllister" (1999)
    *"Marrying Walker McKay" (2000)
    *"Child of Grace" (2001)
    *"Christmas Vows" (2001)
    *"Roses Will Bloom Again: ...and Emma's Heart Will Never Be the Same" (2002)
    *"Stranded in Paradise: A Story of Letting Go" (2002)
    *"The Drifter: Men of the Saddle" (2005)
    *"Mother of Prevention" (2005)
    *"The Peacemaker" (2005)
    *"The Maverick" (2005)
    *"The Plainsman" (2006)
    *"Monday Morning Faith" (2006)
    *"Yellow Rose Bride" (2006)
    *"Simple Gifts" (2007)


    *"Playing for Keeps / A Tempting Stranger" (1990)
    *"Up for Grabs / Hot on His Trail" (1991)
    *"Out of Control / A Winning Combination" (1991)
    *"Out of This World / Forever After" (1991)
    *"Spitfire / Tug of War" (1991)
    *"The Best of Lori Copeland" (1991)
    *"Tale of Love / Power and Seduction" (1992) (with Amii Lorin)
    *"Timeless Love" (1993) (with Catherine Creel, Kay McMahon, Bobbi Smith and Bobby Smith)
    *"Three Complete Novels: Avenging Angel / Passion's Captive / Sweet Talkin' Stranger" (1994)
    *"A Love of Our Own / Passions Folly" (1995)
    *"When Lightning Strikes / Tale of Love" (1995)
    *"Seasons of Love" (1995) (with Elaine Barbieri, Karen Lockwood and Evelyn Rogers)
    *"Love's Legacy" (1996) (with Madeline Baker, Mary Balogh, Elaine Barbieri, Cassie Edwards, Heather Graham, Catherine Hart, Virginia Henley, Penelope Neri, Diana Palmer and Janelle Taylor)
    *"Baby on the Doorstep" (1997) (with Cassie Edwards and Susan Kay Law)
    *"With This Ring: A Quartet of Charming Stories About Four Very Special Weddings" (1998) (with Ginny Aiken, Dianna Crawford and Catherine Palmer)
    *"Fruitcakes and Other Leftovers / Christmas, Texas Style" (1999) (with Kimberly Raye)
    *"Women of Faith Fiction Collection" (2005) (with Patricia Hickman and Angela Elwell Hunt)


    *Tyndale House Publishers. "Lori Copeland Biography". http://www.tyndale.com/authors/bio.asp?code=145. Retrieved 26-01-2007.

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