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Schmitt Jurgen

Abenteuer In Lubeck

Thomas, Dakarai and Karl live in Lubeck. One day they all go down to the harbour, where they find a hidden bag full of jewels. Are the jewels real… Lesen und Üben 1019 ₽

Schmitt Jurgen

Jeder Stirbt Fur Sich Allein. B1 (+ Audio CD)

Berlin, 1940. Otto und Anna Quangel schreiben gafahrliche Postkarten und legen sie in Hausern ab. So wollen sie die Deutschen wecken und warnen… Lesen und uben 904 ₽

Quarello Serenella

El Sueno De Goya y Audiolibro Gratuito

During a boring art class, the students won’t stop yawning. Suddenly the teacher has a great idea: she’ll tell them about Francisco Goya, one of the… Leer y Aprender 1127 ₽

Sepulveda Luis

Mundo Del Fin Del Mundo y Audiolibro Gratuito

A boy dreams of becoming a seafarer and whaler, but his illusions are shattered when he witnesses the horror of a whale hunt. Several years later, as… Leer y Aprender 1127 ₽

Knoth Martina

Aschenputtel und Kostenloses Horbuch. Niveau 3

Poor Cinderella! She has to do all the housework, and her sisters won’t take her to the ball! But thanks to a fairy godmother – and her pets! – she… Leicht zu Lesen 484 ₽

Knoth Martina

Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten und Kostenloses Horbuch. Niveau 3

A donkey decides to leave his master and go to Bremen, the town of music. Along the way other animals join in: a dog, a cat and a cock. They all want… Leicht zu Lesen 484 ₽

Knoth Martina

Die Kleine Meerjungfrau und Kostenloses Horbuch. Niveau 3

The little mermaid lives in a magical, beautiful world at the bottom of the sea, but she wants to see what the world above is like. When she goes up… Leicht zu Lesen 484 ₽

Knoth Martina

Peter Und Der Wolf und Kostenloses Horbuch. Niveau 3

Peter’s grandfather warns him about going into the forest: it’s still winter, so the wolves are hungry! But of course, Peter doesn’t listen… This… Leicht zu Lesen 566 ₽

Knoth Martina

Schneewittchen Und Die Sieben Zwerge und Kostenloses Horbuch. Niveau 3

Snow White’s life is in danger when her father marries again and his new wife, Queen Bella, becomes terribly jealous of Snow White’s beauty. But… Leicht zu Lesen 484 ₽

Barthes Amandine

Marie Curie: Une Vie Pour Les Sciences + Livre Audio Gratuit

Marie Curie is universally famous in science. Her passion for scientific research, her unrivalled energy and determination led to the incredible… Lire et s'entraîner 2 867 ₽

Renard Jules

Poil De Carotte + Livre Audio Gratuit

Freckled and red-haired, young Poil de Carotte lives with his tyrannical mother, an indifferent, often-absent father and a brother and sister who… Lire et s'entraîner 2 806 ₽

Joffo Joseph

Un Sac De Billes + Livre Audio Gratuit

1941: France is invaded by Nazi Germany. 10-year-old Joseph and his brother, 12-year-old Maurice, live in Paris with their parents. They are Jews. To… Lire et s'entraîner 2 886 ₽

Heward Victoria

Green Apple 1: A New Atlantis with Free Audiobook

Atlantis was once an advanced civilisation where everybody lived in peace. But when the rains come everybody knows it will be destroyed. Ryan, a… Green Apple 1 1050 ₽

Clemen Gina

Green Apple 2: Halloween Secret with Free Audiobook

Is Halloween a magic night? Do witches still haunt Salem, Massachusetts? What secrets does an old cemetery hold? Discover what happens to Janet and… - 1081 ₽

Clemen Gina

Green Apple Starter: Lighthouse Ghost with Free Audiobook

Megan and Alex live in beautiful Caravel Cove, but one day something terrible happens: hundreds of dead fish are on the beach! No one knows why… Green Apple Starter 1050 ₽

Ceravolo Fernando Andrés

Misterio en Buenos Aires + App + DeA Link

Quattro studenti di una scuola di Barcellona si recano con la loro classe a Buenos Aires per il viaggio di fine anno. Nella capitale argentina i… - 1019 ₽

Traverso P.

The Scarecrow and the Sunflower + App

Chris is a scarecrow who lives in a cornfield. It's summer, he's hot and thirsty and nobody can help him. The bees, the ants and the lizards are very… Earlyreads 2 618 ₽

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

One pitch-black London morning, a ghoulish little man tramples a young girl and continues heedlessly on his way. Caught by a passerby and returned to… R&T B1.2 1096 ₽

Niron Montes Juan de

Amaia se conecta (+ Audio CD)

Amaia lives an ordinary life in Bilbao with her mother. She enjoys listening to music and going out with her friends. Her parents are separated but… Leer y Aprender 1019 ₽

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