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The Practice of Moral Judgement (Paper) 2616 ₽
Collins: ?sartre? As Biographer 1895 ₽
100 Details from Pictures in the National Gallery 2e 2973 ₽
100 Details from Pictures in the National Gallery 2e 2020 ₽
Smelser: Themes Of Work & Love In ?adulthood? (clo Th) 2443 ₽
Themes of Work & Love in Adulthood (Paper) 2497 ₽
Foundations of Economic Analysis Rev 1711 ₽
What are the grand dynamics that drive the accumulation and distribution of capital? Questions about the long-term evolution of inequality, the… - 0 ₽
Meletij Smotryc'kyj viewed his JEVANBELIJE UCYTELNOJE (Homilary Gospel) as crucial for the "spiritual good" of the Ukrainian and Belorussian… - 637.5 ₽
During the late 1970s and 1980s, cancer underwent a remarkable transformation. In one short decade, what had long been a set of heterogeneous… - 0 ₽
Today the Byzantine mystic, writer, and monastic leader Symeon the New Theologian (ca. 949 to 1022 CE) is considered a saint by the Orthodox Church… - 2918 ₽
New interventional radiology procedures have been added, including: vertebroplasty, a percutaneous injection treatment of painful spinal compression… - 13289 ₽
The culture of the ancient Greeks has often been described as emerging like a miracle from a genius of its own, owing practically nothing to its… - 0 ₽
Before the Chinese Communist Party came to power, China lay broken and fragmented. Today it is a force on the global stage, and yet its leaders have… - 0 ₽
China's Communist Party seized power in 1949 after a long period of guerrilla insurgency followed by full-scale war, but the Chinese revolution was… - 0 ₽
The Russian oil industry which vies with Saudi Arabia as the worlds largest producer and exporter of oil, providing nearly 12 percent of the global… - 1953 ₽
Ever get the feeling that life's a game with changing rules and no clear sides, one you are compelled to play yet cannot win? Welcome to gamespace… - 2088 ₽
In September 1941, two and a half months after the Nazis invaded the Soviet Union, the German Wehrmacht encircled Leningrad. Cut off from the rest of… - 2473 ₽
Thousands of men and women were executed for incompatible religious views in 16th century Europe. The meaning and significance of those deaths are… - 2502 ₽
Marco Girolamo Vida (1485-1566), humanist and bishop, came to prominence as a Latin poet in the Rome of Leo X and Clement VII. It was Leo who… - 1924 ₽
The world is in turmoil. From Russia, Turkey, and Egypt to the United States, authoritarian populists have seized power. As a result, democracy… - 0 ₽