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This handy collection will help children aged 6 and over hone their IT skills and learn all about coding, the internet, digital devices and online… - 1262 ₽
Covering sizes, shapes, counting and sorting, this four-book collection introduces maths in a fun, intuitive and accessible manner. It will help you… - 1262 ₽
Lisbeth Salander's mentor and protector Holger Palmgren is dead, and she has been gone from Stockholm since his funeral. All summer, Mikael Blomkvist… - 1573 ₽
Following a childhood haunted by terrifying events at the Overlook Hotel, Danny Torrance has been drifting for decades. Finally, he settles into a… - 1081 ₽
She's on the run. But he'll never let her go. Roused by a single drop of blood, Rosie Daniels wakes up to the chilling realisation that her husband… - 1081 ₽
Horrid Henry complete Collection Book Set by Francesca Simon. Story of an horrible naughty child named Henry. Hilarious book series of all the time - 1415 ₽
Titles in this collection: Beowulf The Hero. Robinson Crusoe, Shipwrecked! Jason and the Voyage to the Edge of the World. Robin Hood and the Silver… - 1052 ₽
It's Christmas Eve and Oscar the Unicorn is HUNGRY. He's eaten the Christmas tree, the stockings and is about to make a start on the presents. But at… - 697 ₽
A captivating, rhyming picture book retelling of Charles Dickens classic tale about the true meaning of Christmas. Mean old Ebenezer Scrooge hates… - 697 ₽
The Hachette Essentials series comprises a collection of titles that are regarded as modern classics. A carefully and lovingly curated selection of… - 894 ₽
Dr Mary Aiken is the world's leading expert in forensic cyberpsychology - a discipline that combines psychology, criminology and technology to… - 1091 ₽
An unspeakable crime. A confounding investigation. At a time when the King brand has never been stronger, he has delivered one of his most unsettling… - 802 ₽
People aren't sure what to make of Susan Green. Family and colleagues find her prickly and hard to understand - but Susan makes perfect sense to… - 963 ₽
Следите за развитием технического прогресса, поскольку всё стало выше, страшнее и фантастичнее благодаря инженерным навыкам, дизайну и амбициям… - 1517 ₽
8 Books Box Set Titles in This Set: - Silda. The Electric Eal. - Manak. The Silent Predator, - Kraya. The Blood Shark - Cephalox. The Cyber Squid. … - 1715 ₽
All three books in the New York Times-bestselling Grisha Trilogy are now available together in a beautiful paperback box set - 1715 ₽
Fifteen years ago, Daniel Stone's drinking and stealing sent him into a spiral of self-destructiveness which threatened to consume him entirely… - 697 ₽
A horrifying crime. Water-tight evidence points to a single suspect. Except he was seventy miles away, with an iron-clad alibi. Detective Anderson… - 757 ₽
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