Издатель «Abrams»

Amely Greeven, Heng Ou
The first 40 days after the birth of a child offer an essential and fleeting period of rest and recovery for the new mother. Based on author Heng… Книги 2016 1704 ₽ бумажная книга
Kaffe Fassett, Liza Prior Lucy
Renowned colour expert and quilt and fabric designer Kaffe Fassett explores flowers as a source of inspiration for patchwork and needlepoint in this… Книги 2016 2049 ₽ бумажная книга
Martine D'Astier, Martine Ravache
Jacques Henri Lartigue (1894–1986) was the best-known “amateur” in the history of photography, famously discovered by the art world and given an… Книги 2016 1870 ₽ бумажная книга
Angelika Taschen and Alexa von Heyden, by (photographer) Sandra Semburg
In Berlin Street Style, noted design expert Angelika Taschen explains the unique style of this hip city. Where Parisians may covet a Hermes bag, a… Книги 2014 1090 ₽ бумажная книга
Michael Bracewell
Artists Richard Avedon and Andy Warhol came to prominence in a time of profound change around the world. Amid that political and social upheaval… Книги 2016 4618 ₽ бумажная книга
George Mendes and Genevieve Ko, by (photographer) Romulo Yanes
Chef George Mendes was raised in a food-loving Portuguese family and after years of cooking with the best chefs around the world, returned to his… Книги 2014 1871 ₽ бумажная книга
Edgar Poe
Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary, Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore, While I nodded, nearly… Книги 2016 1384 ₽ бумажная книга
Christoph Niemann, Gall John
From award-winning artist and author Christoph Niemann comes a collection of witty illustrations and whimsical views on working creatively. Taking… Книги 2016 2079 ₽ бумажная книга
Christopher Franceschelli
Cityblock explores city life in an exciting and unique way, from up in a high-rise building to down in the subway. Divided into three sections … Книги 2016 1415 ₽ бумажная книга
Arnold Rebecca
Richard Avedon was one of the most sought-after and influential advertising photographers in America from the 1940s to the beginning of the 21st… - Abrams 2019 10870 ₽ бумажная книга
Reynolds Marcellas
The first-ever book celebrating black models, filled with revealing essays, interviews, and stunning photographs. To date, there has never been a… - Abrams 2019 4577 ₽ бумажная книга
Bilclough Annemarie
Winnie-the-Pooh is one of the best-loved and most successful children's characters of all time. Published to accompany a major exhibition at the… - Abrams 2017 3434 ₽ бумажная книга
Woods Lebbeus
Pamphlet Architecture was begun in 1977 by William Stout and Steven Holl as an independent vehicle for dialogue among architects, and has become a… Pamphlet Architecture Abrams 1996 1716 ₽ бумажная книга
James Spada
Streisand: In The Camera Eye is a collection of the very best photographs of Barbra Streisand available, chosen for their rarity, their quality… Pamphlet Architecture Искусство и фотография 2014 2425 ₽ бумажная книга
This vibrant box of postcards celebrates the art of the Disney Princess, celebrating all eleven official Disney princesses. Featuring a mix of… - Abrams 2017 2059 ₽ бумажная книга
Carle Eric
Count down the days until Christmas with this wonderful pop-up advent calendar based on the popular Christmas story Dream Snow by Eric Carle, author… - Abrams 2008 1181 ₽ бумажная книга
Julius Jessica
Through never before seen development art, character sketches, storyboards, and color scripts, The Art of Frozen 2 gives fans a front-row view of the… - Товары, которые еще не отнесены ни к одному разделу каталога 2019 3318 ₽ бумажная книга
Walker Landry
Go behind the scenes in this interactive book to see how favorite vehicles from the Millennium Falcon to Imperial AT-ATs were created and used in… - Товары, которые еще не отнесены ни к одному разделу каталога 2019 2631 ₽ бумажная книга
Flusser Alan
A fully illustrated biography of iconic American designer Ralph Lauren told through the lens of fashion From the author of Dressing the Man, the… - Товары, которые еще не отнесены ни к одному разделу каталога 2019 4577 ₽ бумажная книга
A world without cars would be unrecognizable. They have altered the shape of our cities, transformed our nations and landscapes, revolutionised the… - Товары, которые еще не отнесены ни к одному разделу каталога 2019 3434 ₽ бумажная книга