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«Bon Voyage. Boutique Hotels for the Conscious Traveler»Traveling has become one of the most democratic leisure activities in contemporary societies, and yet with the expansion of this industry new… - Gestalten Подробнее... 2019 4127 руб бумажная книга
«Kitchen Living. Kitchen Interiors for Contemporary Homes»Kitchen Interiors is the essential guide to explore the opportunities of this space, expand it's possibilities and get inspired by worldwide creative… - Gestalten Подробнее... 2019 4070 руб бумажная книга
«Lost in Los Angeles»Lost In believe that to truly experience a city, you have to find what makes that city unique, and dive in headfirst to experience it. For wanderers… - Путеводители по городам Подробнее... 690 руб бумажная книга
«Ricardo Bofill. Visions of Architecture»Poetic spaces, surreal structures and dramatic visions. The extraordinary career of Ricardo Bofill is collected in this monograph, which reveals his… - Gestalten Подробнее... 2019 5089 руб бумажная книга
«Vienna»The Monocle Travel Guide series reveals our favourite places in each city we cover, from the ideal route for an early-morning run and the best spots… - Gestalten Подробнее... 2016 1857 руб бумажная книга
«Delicious Places New Food Culture, Restaurants and Interiors»Contemporary food goes way beyond avocado and quinoa salads. Delicious Places presents the new wave of cafés, restaurants and entrepreneurs that are… - Дизайн Подробнее... 4850 руб бумажная книга
«Bon Voyage»Make a difference when you travel. Excellent hospitality and sustainable journeys can go hand in hand. New getaways offer amazing design, delicious… - Архитектура Подробнее... 3590 руб бумажная книга
С. Lange «Homecoming: Contextualizing, Materializing and Practicing the Rural in China»Homecoming presents work by an emerging generation of Chinese architects that uses unique design and working approaches to resist generic mass… - Книги на иностранных языках Подробнее... 2013 22731 бумажная книга
R. Klanten «Building Better. Sustainable Architecture for Family Homes»Sustainably built single-family homes don't have to be ugly. In this book, architects and homeowners share their perspectives on the interplay… - Книги на иностранных языках Подробнее... 2014 33446 бумажная книга
R. Klanten «Autoban: Form. Function. Experience.»Istanbul bridges Europe and Asia. Based in that city, Autoban is one of the most soughtafter design studios in the world, whose work masterfully… - Изучение языков Подробнее... 2014 37933 бумажная книга
С. Лэнг «More is More»Lang / Baumann's abstract spatial interventions meld architecture with art, urbanism, and installation. More is more? The Swiss architecture office… - Нехудожественная литература Подробнее... 2013 30332 бумажная книга
M. Galindo «The New Nomads. Temporary Spaces and a Life on the Move»The life of urban nomads places new demands on cities, buildings, residences, and working spaces. This book presents temporary architecture and… - Нехудожественная литература Подробнее... 2015 30332 бумажная книга
C. Warnier «Printing Things. Visions and Essentials for 3D Printing»3D printers will soon be found in more and more workshops, offices, and homes. With them, we will be able to print out small pieces of furniture… - Нехудожественная литература Подробнее... 2014 30332 бумажная книга
R. Klanten «Doppelganger: Images of the Human Being»The digital age has fundamentally changed traditional notions of who we are and how we wish to be perceived. The music producer Chris Walla puts it… - Нехудожественная литература Подробнее... 2007 30332 бумажная книга
R. Klanten «Los Logos 7»With Los Logos 7, Gestalten continues its bestselling series on contemporary logo design that began with the publication of Los Logos in 2002. Like… - Нехудожественная литература Подробнее... 2014 30332 бумажная книга
«A Girl's Best Friends. Creative Jewelry Design»Creative jewelry design beyond luxury and pomp. Today, jewelry — whether glamorous, gothic, or minimalist — is en vogue. Jewelry goes back centuries… - Мода и стиль Подробнее... 2350 руб бумажная книга
«Delicious Places. New Food Culture, Restaurants and Interiors»Contemporary food goes way beyond avocado and quinoa salads. Delicious Places presents the new wave of cafés, restaurants and entrepreneurs that are… - Gestalten Подробнее... 2019 3877 руб бумажная книга
«The New Outsiders: A Creative Life Outdoors»The New Outsiders celebrates outdoor creativity. Fresh ideas, adventurers and sustainable entrepreneurs inspire a new outdoor generation to live a… - Фотография Подробнее... 5990 руб бумажная книга
«The Monocle Guide to Shops, Kiosks and Markets»Monocle's latest book unpacks what makes a perfect shopping experience and offers tips on how to launch, design and run your own store. A… - Архитектура Подробнее... 5200 руб бумажная книга
«The Great Alone: Walking the Pacific Crest Trail»Why does a 44-year-old father leave his family for six months to walk 4,286 km across America on the Pacific Crest Trail? What effect does it have on… - Фотография Подробнее... 3700 руб бумажная книга
«Two Wheels South: An Adventure Guide for Motorcycle Explorers»Go on the trip of a lifetime. Two Wheels South shows you how to realize your own journey. Two friends take the motorcycle trip of their life―From… - Фотография Подробнее... 4440 руб бумажная книга