Издатель «Prestel»

Johannes Grave
"A painting must stand as a painting, made by human hand," wrote Caspar David Friedrich, "not seek to disguise itself as Nature." One of his… Книги 2017 3621 ₽ бумажная книга
Oscar Riera Ojeda
A building's façade sets the aesthetic tone for its entire design while serving a variety of functions, from regulating light and protecting… Архитектура 4050 ₽ бумажная книга
Will Francis
Now available in a new pocket edition, Cocktails of the Movies serves up the 64 greatest cocktails to have featured on film. Take a journey through… Кулинария 1424 ₽ бумажная книга
Jones Leslie
Drawing, often considered a minor art, was central to Surrealism from the very beginning. Automatic drawing, exquisite cadavers, and frottage are… Живопись 4814 ₽ бумажная книга
Jurgen Doring
Roy Lichtenstein's art is most recognizable for its trademark Benday dots and two-dimensional planes, cartoon-like qualities that placed him at… Живопись 3125 ₽ бумажная книга
Gereon Sievernich
Accompanying a major new exhibition of Ai Weiwei's work, including many pieces made especially for the show, this book features numerous… Скульптура 3995 ₽ бумажная книга
Julia Friedrich
This monograph on the work of abstract painter and sculptor Otto Freundlich looks at the entirety of the artist's career. A German painter and… Живопись 4990 ₽ бумажная книга
Tobias Natter
This authoritative and generously illustrated book highlights Gustav Klimt's portrayals of women in his work. Klimt was a central figure in… Живопись 6036 ₽ бумажная книга
Clement Cheroux
Some of Walker Evans' most iconic images of 20th-century American culture are showcased in this book celebrating his 50-year career. Walker… Фотография 6666 ₽ бумажная книга
Stella Rollig
Exploring an intriguing aspect of the artist's work, this book examines Gustav Klimt's fascination with the ancient world. Gustav… Живопись 6036 ₽ бумажная книга
Theresa Papanikolas
In 1939, Georgia O'Keeffe, who was among the most famous artists in the United States, accepted a commission from the Hawaiian Pineapple Company… Фотография 4007 ₽ бумажная книга
Frederic Migayrou
Featuring fifty of Frank Gehry's most important projects, this lavish monograph presents the full range of the architect's work from the… Архитектура 5343 ₽ бумажная книга
George White Anthony
Four years after his iconic mirror paintings catapulted him to international acclaim, Michelangelo Pistoletto took an abrupt left turn with his… Скульптура 5343 ₽ бумажная книга
John Hill
The name Walker Evans conjures images of the American everyman. Whether it's his iconic contributions to James Agee's depression-era… Фотография 8606 ₽ бумажная книга
Keith Haring
Bursting with color and featuring Keith Haring's powerful messages, this collection of posters includes insightful commentary and dazzling… Дизайн 3528 ₽ бумажная книга
Ortrud Westheider
This book explores the development of modern American art through the works of its signature artists. This collection of rarely seen masterpieces… Живопись 4510 ₽ бумажная книга
Norbert Wolf
During his lifetime, Dürer found tremendous success as a painter and printmaker, taking commissions from prominent figures such as Frederick the Wise… Живопись 5780 ₽ бумажная книга
Giorgi Rosa
A seventeenth century Spanish painter who continues to influence artists today, Velazquez is primarily known for his portraits of Spanish royalty and… - Prestel 2012 949 ₽ бумажная книга
Finger Brad
The Surrealist movement that developed in Europe following the devastation of World War I emerged out of a feeling by writers and artists that the… - Prestel 2013 1617 ₽ бумажная книга
Nora Manthey
Beautifully illustrated, this book captures the lifestyle of coffee creators and aficionados, as seen through the lens of acclaimed photographer… - Кулинария 3458 ₽ бумажная книга
Schiebler Ralf
Now available again, this fascinating look at Dali explores the forces that shaped the life and works of one of the modern art world's most… - Зарубежные художники 2019 2140 ₽ бумажная книга