Издатель «Taschen»

From the Mediterranean Sea to the Indian Ocean, the vast Sahara to the Cape Verde archipelago, Africa offers a lifetime of travel adventures. Whether… - Taschen 2019 3608 ₽ бумажная книга
Fiebig Johannes
Legend has it that when preparing props for the James Bond film Live and Let Die, producer Albert Broccoli commissioned Surrealist maestro Salvador… - Товары, которые еще не отнесены ни к одному разделу каталога 2019 5291 ₽ бумажная книга
Теру Пол
“The deeper the white man went into Africa, the faster the life flowed out of it, off the plains and out of the bush...vanishing in acres of trophies… - Книги 2018 6667 ₽ бумажная книга
Джексон Нил
There are few images of 20th-century architecture more iconic than the nighttime view of Case Study House #22. At its eagle’s nest promontory above… Basic Art Книги 2018 1007 ₽ бумажная книга
Berendt Joachim
In 1960, photographer William Claxton and noted musicologist Joachim Berendt traveled the United States hot on the trail of jazz. Through music halls… Basic Art Книги 2018 4503 ₽ бумажная книга
Эммерлинг Леонард
The rebel hero of Abstract Expressionism, Jackson Pollock (1912–1956) careened through his life like a firework across the American art landscape… Basic Art Книги 2018 877 ₽ бумажная книга
Веннер Ян
For more than half a century, Annie Leibovitz has been taking culture-defining photographs. Her portraits of politicians, performers, athletes… Archive Project Книги 2018 3608 ₽ бумажная книга
Menkes Suzy, Nippoldt Robert
From Azzedine Alaïa, Cristóbal Balenciaga, and Coco Chanel to Alexander McQueen, Yves Saint Laurent, and Vivienne Westwood, a century’s worth of… Archive Project Книги 2018 2884 ₽ бумажная книга
Гробэль Лоренс
In 1970 Barbra Streisand published a story in Life magazine titled “Who Am I Anyway?” It was the very question two leading photojournalists of the… Archive Project Книги 2018 4339 ₽ бумажная книга
Golden Reuel
For over five generations, National Geographic magazine has dazzled and educated people with its incredible photographs and gripping stories of all… Archive Project Книги 2018 4503 ₽ бумажная книга
Evelyn Benesch, J. C. E. Belinfante
When German artist Charlotte Salomon (1917 1943) handed her gouache series Life? or Theater? over to a friend, she beseeched him to take good care of… Archive Project Книги 2017 2733 ₽ бумажная книга
Lorenz Ulrike
In the German city of Dresden on June 7, 1905, the foundation of the Die Brücke artists’ group (1905–1913) is widely regarded as the birth of… Basic Art Книги 2018 887 ₽ бумажная книга
Tetart-Vittu Francoise
Originally published in France between 1876 and 1888, Auguste Racinet’s Le Costume historique was in its day the most wide-ranging and incisive study… Basic Art Книги 2018 4368 ₽ бумажная книга
Lack H. Walter
On December 15, 1868, Carl Friedrich Philipp von Martius (1794–1868), Professor of Botany at the University of Munich and director of the Royal… Basic Art Книги 2018 4551 ₽ бумажная книга
Sales Nancy Jo
When 22-year-old American photographer Blake Wood moved to London in 2007, a mutual friend introduced him to Amy Winehouse. After winning five Grammy… Basic Art Книги 2018 2434 ₽ бумажная книга
Болдуин Джеймс
Avedon and Baldwin's American JourneyRichard Avedon and James Baldwin’s landmark 1964 book finally back in printThis meticulous reprint of Richard… Basic Art Книги 2018 5532 ₽ бумажная книга
Вальтер Инго Ф.
Today, the works of Vincent van Gogh (1853–1890) are among the most well known and celebrated in the world. In Sunflowers, The Starry Night… Basic Art Книги 2018 1719 ₽ бумажная книга
Salgado Lelia Wanick
In every crisis situation, children are the greatest victims. Physically weak, they are often the first to succumb to hunger, disease, and… Basic Art Книги 2018 3369 ₽ бумажная книга
Shafrazi Tony
During the 1960s, Dennis Hopper carried a camera everywhere―on film sets and locations, at parties, in diners, bars and galleries, driving on… Basic Art Книги 2018 4209 ₽ бумажная книга
Nielsen Kay
Night visions A fine art portfolio of Kay Nielsen s sumptuous A Thousand and One Nights In the late 1910s, in a Europe ravaged by World War I, Danish… Basic Art Книги 2018 22418 ₽ бумажная книга
Crist Steve
This survey features more than 400 works from the Polaroid Collection along with essays by Hitchcock, who illuminates the beginnings and history of… Basic Art Искусство и фотография 2012 940 ₽ бумажная книга